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In the early nineties, many prosecutors were still without a viable connection to the numerous criminal database units. As a result, many individuals were moving through the system without anyone discovering their complete criminal history. Once the additional connections were funded however, we saw a substantial increase in court punishment as we uncovered convictions from out of state jurisdictions and other sources.


A decade later, the information revolution poses the opposite challenge to any individual who was the subject of arrest or investigation. Today, law enforcement are not the only ones who can see your record. Just about anyone with a computer and internet connection can order up your file. In the beginning, an individual needed to purchase this information from one of many websites. Soon however, the database will become a literal free-for-all as numerous courthouses begin to put their records and files online.


Now, as experienced criminal defense attorneys, we have come to realize that sealing or destroying a criminal file is as important if not more important than the actual disposition of the case. Unfortunately, many people look at a case that was dismissed or a trial that ended in acquittal and think the person was guilty nonetheless. Likewise, many people who discover an isolated criminal conviction over a decade old will always think of the individual as a "criminal". This is truely unjust, as most of us have committed more than one misdemeanor in our life. A political era of homeland security, "terrorist" threat, and Bush administration has only helped to fuel the fire.


Joining with computer experts with twenty years of experience in the banking, telecom, and insurance industries, we have developed a virtual file system with multiple levels of security and data encryption that provides safe file access by our administrators, attorneys, and coming soon, even our clients.
Other sites provide little information and are nothing more than a central link to isolated attorney sites in various states. All of our files are centrally managed for quick and virtual access by our staff. We strive to provide the most comprehensive and informative websites on Record Clearing and Canadian Rehabilitation.






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